March: No Bad Days

No Bad Days, footer in a mural in The Mission, SF

No Bad Days, footer in a mural in The Mission, SF

The plan for March was to run the Way too Cool 50 Km and Napa Valley Trail Marathon to prepare for the American River 50 Mile in April. I was particularly excited about the American River race because it would be an opportunity to qualify for the Western States 100. But after straining a leg muscle during Cool, and dropping from the race by mile 21, those plans changed.

The positive thing about injuries, no matter how major or minor, is that they give one a chance to practice non-attachment. And though it was not an easy decision to make, I am taking a few weeks off to rest, recover, and strengthen. That meant no Napa Marathon, no American River 50 Mile, and no Miwok 100 Km. My next goal is to toe the line at the Leadville Marathon in June and get a taste of the course where I’ll be pacing a friend during the Leadville 100 in August.

With a total of 81 miles on trails, mostly during the first few weeks, this month had me hiking and biking more than running. During one of my walks in the city in search for my cafe con leche, I came across a mural that reminded me of something simple and beautiful: no bad days. That is, there are days when I run, and days when I don’t run, and both are equally important to my training. So even though I didn’t accomplish my goals for March, I look forward to the next months, and will try to remind myself that no matter what happens there are no bad days.

01. April 2013 by Nico
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