April: Running Up That Hill

Training for Miwok 100K

Training for Miwok 100K

They say ignorance is bliss, and I am sure not knowing what I was getting into helped me finish my first Miwok 100K in 2009, the year it rained all day long. Fortunately, the weather forecast this year is better, and with an additional 5 years of experience on my legs, I know exactly what I am getting into. In other words, I know it’s going to be hard.

0 races, 12 running days, 146 miles, 32:55 hours, and 24,729 ft. of climbing.

Though I did not know it at the time, deciding not to run the American River 50 Mile turned out to be a good decision, one that allowed me to really focus on training for the Miwok 100K. Getting familiar with the trails on the course, longer runs quickly added up to a 100K week and twice the amount of vertical from the previous month, which are the numbers that I needed to feel confident on race day.

It took 4 months of training, but I finally feel like I found my groove: pre-run pizza Margherita for dinner, wake up early, run, post-run meal at Sol Food, shower, sleep, and repeat, with the occasional bloody knee. Now it’s time to do one of the most challenging things for a runner — not run, but rest and taper all week long until next Saturday. Is it time to go to Sol Food yet?

111 days until the Leadville Trail 100M.

28. April 2014 by Nico
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