May: A Hard Day’s Night

Rodeo Beach from the top of Wolf Ridge

Rodeo Beach from the top of Wolf Ridge

Posting this from Leadville, May and the Miwok 100 K seem a very distant memory. In the days leading up to the race, I visualized all the different sections of the course that my legs had covered the weeks before. And thanks to my training, I felt ready mentally and physically. That’s why I was surprised to be dealing with some issues during the race that slowed me down enough to miss the mile 37 cutoff. Though disappointed, instead of just packing my bags and going home that Saturday afternoon, I decided to wait for my friends, and see them finish the race until 9 PM.

1 race, 6 running days, 100 miles, 22:37 hours, and 15,502 ft. of climbing.

Of everyone running, I really wanted to see one of my best friends and training partner finish her first 100K. But as the hours went by, I knew it would be close, and because she was taking much longer than expected, I knew she was hurting. But I had no idea how much, until she crossed the finish line, and I had to hold her up as she almost passed out from extreme dehydration and fatigue. Quickly I called the race officials and asked for a medic, but since there was no medic on site, they had to call an ambulance to take her to the nearest hospital, almost an hour away.

About 6 hours, 2 IV drip bags, and a tray of hospital food later, we left the ER, and I drove my friend home. And having been awake for almost 28 hours straight, I finally closed my eyes and slept for at least 4 hours. The next morning, looking back at the previous night and day, I realized something that did not occur to me before the race. Even though I really wanted to finish the race, maybe, just maybe, I was not supposed to finish it. Instead, the Universe had other plans for me. Maybe, I was just supposed to take care of my friend.

77 days until the Leadville Trail 100M.

31. May 2014 by Nico
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