Leadville: Week 3

Leadville Week 3: Mt. Elbert, Twin Lakes, Turquoise Lake, Deerhammer Distillery.

Leadville Week 3: Mt. Elbert, Twin Lakes, Turquoise Lake, Deerhammer Distillery.

After 3 weeks in Leadville, I am proud to be a regular at City on the Hill coffee house, ran my first 100K week at altitude, climbed to the 13,004 ft. point of Mt. Elbert on an easy day, found a place to get my Wild West whiskey fix, and felt incredibly grateful to have a Leadwoman running partner and coach for this adventure.

5 running days, 62 miles, 16:28 hours, and 6,891 ft. of climbing

Since some or our training runs are pretty remote, and there is a chance or being separated, we always carry walkie-talkies so we can stay in touch or check in on our location if one of us is ahead. Which means of course that we need walkie-talkie handles. Hers is, not surprisingly, “Tornado”, and mine is, by popular demand, Nico “Suave”.

With each run, I am getting more and more familiar with key sections of the race, such as the start from Leadville to May Queen, the middle outbound from Half Pipe to Twin Lakes, and the return from Twin Lakes to Fish — all which I ran imagining what it will feel like to run at dawn, or in the dark of night, on tired legs.

On days off, I’ve been eagerly exploring the towns near Leadville, stocking up on groceries at the Whole Foods in Frisco to feed a runner’s appetite, enjoying a glass of Tempranillo at a wine bar in Avon, and savoring a great Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail at Deerhammer distillery in Buena Vista — the perfect treat for a thirsty runner.

Next week I am looking forward to increasing both mileage and vertical, while meeting fellow runners who are coming to Leadville for the 3-day training camp where we’ll run over Hope Pass twice, run from May Queen to Twin Lakes, and run from May Queen to Leadville at night. I can’t think of a better way to end June. Bring it on.

53 days until the Leadville Trail 100M.

24. June 2014 by Nico
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