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Leadville: Week 4

Climbing Hope Pass on Day 2 of the Leadville Running Camp

Climbing Hope Pass on Day 2 of the Leadville Running Camp

Week 4 in Leadville: running almost every inch of the course during the 3 day running camp, first 140K week ever, more breathtaking vertical, first double crossing of Hope Pass at 12,600 ft. elevation, and a night run to be reminded of the absolutely stunning stars in the High Country sky.

5 running days, 87 miles, 23:53 hours, and 9,831 ft. of climbing

There is no doubt that one month of living in the High Country makes you a different person, but after covering 237 miles and climbing over 30,000 ft. in under 64 hours, I am certain that it also makes you a different runner. The first thing you notice, is that you are a little bit leaner, which makes you a little bit faster on the downhills, and stronger on the climbs. Your running motion is also more efficient, and you realize it’s possible to keep running after an 8 hour day on the trails.

You also learn to plan your outings, and answer questions such as how much food should I bring? or where should I drop some water on the trail? in order to fill-up and rehydrate during your run the next day. Mentally, you are also tougher, because even though you ran 26 miles yesterday, you wake up at 5:30 AM today to cover another 20 miles. But most of all, you are more in touch with the Mountains, and by learning more about them, you are really learning more about yourself.

The Leadville running camp was a great opportunity to meet other runners who are also training for the 100 Mile race in August, some first-timers, other veterans, but all passionate about training together in the mountains. The first day was tough, the second day was grueling, but the last night run was absolutely beautiful, as we ran around Turquoise Lake to the finish line under a star covered sky that invited us to turn off our headlamps, breath, and take in the wonder above us.

In July, I’ll continue to increase weekly mileage and vertical, while covering the entire course in different segments, including more double-crossings of Hope Pass. One good test mid-month will be the Silver Rush 50M which promises over 7,000 ft. of vertical and 4 climbs above 12,000 ft. elevation. July also brings Peruvian Independence Day, so it’s very important for my training that I stock on up Pisco in order to make cocktails and celebrate with my Leadville Family.

46 days until the Leadville Trail 100M.

01. July 2014 by Nico
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