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Leadville: Weeks 7 and 8

Sunrise over Twin Lakes

Sunrise over Twin Lakes

When I arrived in Leadville the first week of June, it did not seem that 2 months was enough to get ready to run 100 miles, but after 8 weeks of steady building I was able to increase my weekly mileage to 101 miles with over 16K ft. of vertical all on the course. So now, yes, I feel ready.

Week 7: 4 running days, 31 miles, 7:17 hours, and 2,791 ft. of climbing

Week 8: 6 running days, 101 miles, 26:05 hours, and 16,367 ft. of vertical

Week 7 was all about recovery from the Silver Rush 50, and testing some new gear: Melanzana and Swiftkick socks to prevent some of the friction that gave me blisters during the race, new lighter poles that will come in handy while climbing Hope Pass and Powerline, and a Black Diamond headlamp that lit up the night during a solo night run on the Turquoise Lake trail.

Week 8 was unbelievable. The most miles and vertical that I’ve run on any week, ever, all in faster times than on previous outings on the course. One of the most memorable outings was getting up at 3 AM and making my cafe con leche so that I could be on the trail by 6 AM in order to do a double-crossing of Hope Pass, and then seeing the sun rise over the river at Twin Lakes. All I could do was breath and think “this is why I run.” On a weekend solo outing a few days later, I was truly delighted by the camaraderie of so many other runners training on the course, and we cheered each other on, knowing that we were all sharing a special journey, and that there was no where else we would rather be that moment than in the Colorado mountains of the High Country.

This coming week, I plan to do a one more double-crossing of Hope Pass, one more night run, and a few short runs before beginning to taper. Taper. Taper? For two whole weeks. Two whole weeks? I’ve never tapered for that long, and somehow I think that is going to be much harder than running 100 miles.

18 days until the Leadville Trail 100M.

29. July 2014 by Nico
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